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  • Eureka Club House Bali

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Villa Architect Services 

 Eureka Club House Bali

A villa is a temporary residence as well as a place for vacation, which is usually located outside of areas with cool air such as in the suburbs, mountains, beaches, etc.

Because the price is relatively expensive, usually only well-established businessmen and executives buy the villa for family recreation with their siblings and many are used as second homes when they want to take a break from the hustle and bustle. There are also many villas for rent for those who want to rest but do not have private villas. Villas that are in great demand are those that have a security system with guarding gates or a cluster system so that the privacy and security of the villa owner is guaranteed and can enjoy the view and the cool air comfortably.

Many villas provide entertainment facilities such as children's playgrounds, fishing lakes, beautiful gardens, sports facilities and recreational facilities, as well as having complete in-villa equipment like your home.

The construction of villas has developed a lot in the peak areas and mountainous areas and even outside areas such as Bali, Lombok and other areas / cities.

The villa is related to the climate and its cool and fresh atmosphere yet is close by car journey from the capital. For example: in the peak area - Bogor - is famous for its cool weather, warm sun climate, away from noise and beautiful natural tranquility.


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