• Interior Desain Salon Kecantikan
  • Interior Desain Salon Kecantikan

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Beauty Salon Interior Design ServicesLeny Spa - BSD 

Body and Hair Salon Commercial Service 

 Salon Interior Design is much sought after by business people who want to build a Salon business. Attractive design, will make employees and visitors feel comfortable in the Salon Room. We Anjarsitek Team have many ideas to be able to design a Beauty Salon from to make it look elegant, simple and luxurious. Not only focusing on the room, but the inviting touch and decoration that will be used also determines the beauty of a salon.

 In making a salon interior design, we must also pay attention to the conditions in the field, so that we can determine what things we should do to make the interior design of a salon look unique and different. And you must also be able to ensure safety and comfort for your customers when visiting the Salon.

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